You Are All Set To Attend The Class

The following information will be emailed to you as well.

  1. Finish the online course before coming. It is recommended that you are done at least 24 hours before class.
  2. After you finish, you will get a confirmation email from the Red Cross. Please either print this or be ready to show the email as proof you did it to the instructor. 


Click here for a quick 3-minute video on how to get to your online portion.
  1. Register for the online portion with your name and email.
  2. Open your email. The Red Cross will send you a unique username.
  3. Enter the username they provide.
  4. Click "Forgot Password" to set a password.
  5. Login with the username that they provided and the password you just set.
  6. Complete the online portion before attending. (P.S. Take the pre-assessment seriously and you will do less work!).

What happens if you have a technical difficulty?

  • If you happen to have technical difficulties with the Red Cross online portion, please get in touch with their customer support number at 1 (800) 733-2767.
  • My business is the training provider for the in-person skills session. We did not create the online portion.
  • If there is an urgent matter, you can reach us at (951) 755-0524 or through my wife's email at

Thank you so much for choosing us. I hope you enjoy your class. Have a blessed day.