Fully-Auto Upgrade (360P)
Fully-Auto Upgrade (360P)
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Fully-Auto Upgrade (360P)

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What is included in the product?

✅ FREE Installation and training.

  • If you are local: We will deliver and install if you are in the Menifee, CA area or the surrounding cities, including Perris, Moreno Valley, Hemet, Temecula, Murrieta, Fallbrook, etc. You also have the option to attend a class and get your Red Cross CPR and AED card for free. 
  • If you are not local: We will ship the AED to you for free and include virtual training for easy installation and use. 

✅ HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P AED Unit (pictured)

✅ Standard Carry Case (Yellow case pictured)

✅ 8-Year Warranty On AED Unit

✅ Adult PAD-PAK (Electrode Pads & Battery Cartridge)

✅ User Manual

✅ Metal AED wall sign

✅ AED Medical Prescription/Authorization

✅ First Aid Kit: Contains a breathing barrier, basic bleeding control supplies, alcohol wipes, gloves, scissors, a medical razor, and a convenient case. 

The Simple Description: 

  • Warranty - 8 Years
  • Weight - 2.4 pounds 
  • Shock Type - AUTO. The AED will inform you when it is going to shock. It will provide a countdown and then shock the patient. If you want to press the shock button, you need to get the 350P. 
  • Shock Strength- 150J-200J (adjusts as needed) 
  • Pad Life - 4 Years 
  • Passive Coaching - Guides you step by step through the process. 
  • Battery Life - 4 years
  • Weather resistant - Suitable for outdoor use. IP rating of 56. 


The More Detailed Description: 


    Why HeartSine Samaritan AED?

    This is your go-to economical AED for home, office, or business. Compact yet feature-rich, it offers visual and verbal rescue guidance. Plus, it requires less maintenance, boasts high durability, and is the industry's most affordable brand-new defibrillator.

    Key Features

    • Low Maintenance: The 360P combines electrode pads and battery into a single cartridge (PAD-PAK), reducing replacements.
    • Compact: Weighing just 2.4lbs and measuring 8.0″ x 7.25″ x 1.9″, it's the smallest and lightest AED out there. Fits anywhere.
    • Single Expiration Date: Only one accessory and expiry date to track, thanks to the PAD-PAK system.
    • Self-Tests: Performs weekly self-tests with a green flashing indicator.
    • Advanced CPR Coaching
    • Step-by-step visual and verbal prompts, with lit icons for progress tracking.
    • SCOPE Biphasic Technology auto-adjusts shock level according to patient resistance.

    Durable & Long-lasting

    • IP56 is rated for protection against water, dust, and dirt.
    • Comes with an 8-year warranty.
    • Shock Delivery: Choose from semi-automatic (350P) or fully automatic (360P).

    Portable & User-Friendly

    • Lightweight (less than 4 lbs), with voice and visual instructions for ease of use.
    • Virtually maintenance-free, with a 4-year lifespan PAD-PAK system.
    • Automatic self-tests ensure it's always ready for use.

    The HeartSine Samaritan PAD offers the simplicity of a single expiration date and an easy-to-maintain cartridge system. PAD-PAK replacement is only $199. The easiest AED to use and maintain!