Leveraging AEDs for Fast Response to Cardiac Arrest in Temecula, California and Surrounding Areas

✅ Most victims of cardiac arrest can be saved if they get an AED in the first three minutes.
🕑 Every minute without an AED drops your chance of survival by about 10%.
💀 Because EMS takes an average of 7 minutes to arrive, your survival rate could drop by 70% without an AED nearby.

    Cardiac Arrest Kills More People Than Anything Else. 

    The burden of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) on global health is significant. In the United States alone, it accounts for more than 350,000 fatalities each year. As such, understanding the role of defibrillation, especially in the context of emergencies, has never been more crucial.


    What Happens During Cardiac Arrest? 

    When cardiac arrest strikes, the victim's heart rhythm becomes chaotic. Instead of the normal pumping motion, the heart begins to shake violently. This is called Ventricular Tachycardia. This disruption in the heart's function impedes oxygen transport to the brain, quickly leading to severe brain damage and imminent death within just a few minutes.

    Respond Quickly Using An AED - Save A Life

    In such dire circumstances, the window of opportunity is narrow. Early defibrillation is key to survival.

    The Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) – devices designed to restore the normal rhythm of the heart during cardiac arrest– are the heroes of the hour. 

    They are portable life-saving gadgets you may have noticed in public venues such as sports centers, educational institutions, airports, and shopping malls.

    Anyone can use one. Guided by voice prompts and visual instructions, these devices are accessible even to untrained individuals. They can deliver the necessary electrical shock to reestablish a normal heart rhythm during cardiac emergencies.

    How Do They Work? 

    AEDs work by detecting unsynchronized heart rhythms – a common occurrence during cardiac arrest – and delivering an electrical shock to revert the heart back to its regular rhythm. The AED is equipped with electrode pads that are applied to the patient's chest to scrutinize the heart rhythm. When fibrillation is detected, the AED guides the user to deliver a shock, momentarily halting the heart and allowing it to reset to a regular rhythm.

    It's vital to ensure the correct positioning of the pads for the shock to effectively pass through the heart. Thankfully, AEDs come with comprehensive voice instructions to seamlessly assist the rescuer through each step. If you can hear and follow basic directions, these devices are pretty foolproof. 

    Here is a chilling statistic: Each passing minute without defibrillation reduces survival odds by about 10%. EMS takes an average of 7 minutes to arrive. 

    This means that if you are in an area (like your home) and experience cardiac arrest, you most likely will not survive. 

    Having an AED in your home/business and training those around you is vital.


    Taking Action - Renting/Buying One


    Option A. Own Outright - At Cardia CPR and Safety, we offer a variety of AED brands and will match any competitors to get you the best available price. We will also install at your home/business and train you how to use it if you are in the Temecula area. 


    Option B. Rent an AED ($69 monthly) - If you cannot afford to buy an AED (price ranges from $1,200 - $2,500), we are launching a no-contract rental program in a few months. Please note that our funding is limited as we need to purchase these devices upfront, hence we only have a limited number of spots on the waitlist for the first round. Along with the device rental, we will also provide installation and training.

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    Who We Are 

    We are Cardia CPR and Safety, a leading CPR and First Aid company in Menifee, CA. 

    We are now thrilled to be able to offer AEDs for individuals or businesses who need to purchase or rent them. 

    We serve Menifee, Temecula, Murrieta, Hemet, Perris, Moreno Valley, and any surrounding areas. 

    Please do not hesitate to reach out!