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When are the only times you will think about an AED?

Right now and right when you need it.

Don't wish you had got one later. 

1. 356,000 people die from Cardiac arrest every year in our country. It is the leading cause of death in America. 

2. There's a 10% drop in your survival chances every single minute that passes without an AED. 

3. You'll have a 70% higher chance of survival when there is an AED in your home. 


How do you get an AED in your home or business? 

1. Arrange Payment. Pay to claim your device. Interest-free financing is available if you pay through PayPal Credit or Shop Pay. Click here for more info on this. 

2. We will deliver & train free. We can schedule a time to come by and show your family or business how to use it confidently. 

3. We'll be your AED mentorOnce you commit and get one, maintenance is basically effortless and it comes with an 8-year warranty. We promise however to be your go-to person anytime you have questions or concerns. 


Why this AED over others? 


Why this device? The Samaritan has adjusting shock to give someone the best chance of survival. It is small, incredibly durable, and is also one of the most affordable in the industry. 

Price Match: We are careful to give you the best deal. If you find one cheaper elsewhere, we would be happy to match.


What is included?


  • ✅ Peace of mind that you and the people you care about have the best chance at surviving our nation's leading killer. 
  • ✅ 8-Year Warranty On AED Unit
  • Glass case for mounting on your wall
  • ✅ Carrying case (the yellow one shown) 
  • Adult PAD-PAK (Electrode Pads & Battery Cartridge)
  • ✅ User Manual
  • Metal AED wall sign
  • ✅ AED Medical Prescription/Authorization
  • ✅ First Aid Kit (because why not) 

I see cheaper devices online. Why should I buy new? 

  • You can find slightly cheaper AEDs on the internet that are refurbished. The problem is that the devices are old and reused. 
  • Once their batteries expire a few years down the road, you may not be able to buy new ones to replace them. Their parts go out of circulation. 
  • Getting a new AED with us provides you with a device with parts that will likely be in circulation for 15+ years. 

Device Details:  

Low Maintenance: The 350P combines electrode pads and battery into a single cartridge (PAD-PAK), reducing replacements.

Compact: Weighing just 2.4lbs and measuring 8.0″ x 7.25″ x 1.9″, it's the smallest and lightest AED out there. Fits anywhere.

Single Expiration Date: Only one accessory and expiry date to track, thanks to the PAD-PAK system.

Self-Tests: Performs weekly self-tests with a green flashing indicator.

Advanced CPR Coaching
Step-by-step visual and verbal prompts, with lit icons for progress tracking.
SCOPE Biphasic Technology auto-adjusts shock level according to patient resistance.

Durable & Long-lasting

  • IP56 is rated for protection against water, dust, and dirt.
  • Comes with an 8-year warranty.
  • Shock Delivery: Choose from semi-automatic (350P) or fully automatic (360P).

Portable & User-Friendly

  • Lightweight (less than 4 lbs), with voice and visual instructions for ease of use.
  • Virtually maintenance-free, with a 4-year lifespan PAD-PAK system.
  • Automatic self-tests ensure it's always ready for use