Refund Policy

UPDATED 7/4/2023

For many years, we were one of the only CPR companies that allowed for refunds after a class purchase. Due to the large amount of individuals purchasing and then refunding last minute, we were constantly losing valuable spots that we could have given to another student. Implementing "class protection" will allow us to make up for this loss.

Please see the updated refund policy below: 


  • Class Protection: If you purchase class protection with your CPR class for $5.99, you can reschedule or request a refund PRIOR to your class taking place. Contact for refunds and rescheduling. 
  • No Class Protection: We cannot offer a refund but can reschedule you to another class for $25 if you contact us prior to the skills session taking place. 
  • After Class: Even with class protection, I cannot process a refund for you AFTER you have received your certificate and completed the skills session. At that point we have already paid Red Cross for your card.