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What AEDs Do We Offer? 

AEDs are life-saving devices that can be used in emergencies to provide critical aid until medical help arrives. We've taken great care in selecting a range of high-quality AEDs to best suit your needs, including the STRYKER LIFEPAK CR2 & 1000, HeartSine Samaritan, DEFIBTECH Lifeline AED and View, ZOLL AED and AED3, and Cardiac Science G5.

Here are some highlights: 


STRYKER LIFEPAK CR2 & 1000, and HeartSine Samaritan These devices offer both standard and WIFI Connected Gateway AED options. They are available in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic variants, with the LIFEPAK 1000 ALS unit offering text and ECG display.

DEFIBTECH Lifeline AED and View These semi-auto and fully-auto devices are expertly designed to analyze heart rhythm and automatically deliver a shock. The 'View' model additionally offers full-color video instructions.

ZOLL AED and AED3, Cardiac Science G5 These AEDs come with a uniform operating system for maximized ease of use. They also feature a pediatric mode to adjust the joules for infant/child use, and come with the innovative Real CPR Help® technology.

The Powerheart The Powerheart AED provides user-paced instructions from RescueCoachTM voice and text prompts, IntellisenseTM CPR (ICPR), and a helpful dual-language feature.