Why do we charge for rescheduling and no-show?


As of 6/17/2021 we are charging fees for rescheduling and no-shows. Why do we need to charge this? 

  • Availability: We have a very limited number of spots open for each class, and because of this, we sell out almost every single time. When you don't show up, we lose both the spot you signed up for and the spot you are rescheduling to. 
  • Additional Work: Every time someone reschedules, we need to go onto the Red Cross website, cancel your previous class, sign you up for a new one, and renter all of the information required for your certification. I pay our secretary Karissa on a part-time hourly basis for all of this work. It takes time to process all of this on the Red Cross website. 
  • Questions: If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me (Bryce) at 951-755-0524. You can also email me at bryce@cardiacpr.com. Have a very blessed day. 

Thank you for your understanding!