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Protect your class. 🛡️ 

This allows you to cancel or reschedule your class without charge PRIOR to attending the scheduled skills session. 

✉️ Email: prior to your scheduled skills session to reschedule or cancel.

🔴 You must do so BEFORE your skills session takes place.


- Cancellations will receive full refunds when you purchase class protection. 

- We can also reschedule you for another class that works for your schedule. 


1. WRONG CLASS: We cannot refund you if you take the wrong class. Example: Joe needs BLS for healthcare and takes our class. He gets certified with us and requests a refund because his work as a doctor does not accept it. We cannot help Joe because we already paid Red Cross for his card! 

2. MISSING CLASS: If you miss the class and do not inform us prior, this does NOT help you. We had to reserve a spot for you in our class and if you do not show up, we lose the opportunity to fill another student in your place.